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Here at Gourmet Snacks we are dedicated in providing quality

healthy snacks for you and your family with NO Fats!

Say Hello to the McElroys, we 

knojust how difficult it is 

raising a large family compared 

to days gone by.  

Our passion for caring for our 

family was key in finding healthy

foods and snacks.

                          Now we're providing them to you! 

At "Gourmet Snacks" we strive to provide healthy snacks for 

healthy families. 

Our Snacks are a BAKED, never fried, alternative to high fat and 

high sugar foods.

Check out just how affordable quality BAKED snacks can be:

Veggie Chips:    4oz  $4.50       8oz  $8.00       16oz  $15.00

Carmel Corn Nuggets:      13oz  $6.00

Check back often as we will be adding more choices in healthy