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Suggestion for Salted Peas, Garlic Peas or Chili -Limon Peas:     Of course enjoy them all by themselves but at our table we like putting them on our salads for that healthy crunchy flavor.

Suggestion for Salted Peas:  Keep a bowl of these puppies on the counter to counteract those hunger urges, keeps me on my diet!

Suggestion for any of the Mixed Veggie Chips:     Again eating them right out of the bag is awesome, but when you get down to the crumbs at the bottom of the bag, don't throw them away, these flavorful tid-bits (I personally enjoy the Chili-Limon) are especially yummy on Scrambled Eggs with a little sour cream!  Or try them on a Baked Potato

Suggestions for Garlic Carrots or Garlic Mix Veggies:    Still yummy right out of the bag, but try crushing them up, egging a chicken breast and rolling it in the crushed veggies then bake for a healthy dinner with lots of flavor.  ALSO...I just tried them crushed on a baked potato, supper yummy!

Suggestions for Wasabi Peas:  I had a lady tell me that she used crushed (use a rolling pin for this) Wasabi Peas to coat her fish before baking, she said it cut all the heat out and added a lot of flavor to the fish, delicious!!

Suggestions for Corn Nut Nuggets, Ranch Flavor, drop them in your salads or even soup for a tasty crunch.  And don't forget, if you like a little heat in your salads, add Habanero Corn Nut Nuggets or the Chili Limon Peas!

The photo to the left is an omelet I enjoyed making with Chili and eating, delicious and nutritious with a fraction of the sodium usually found in omelets. Now if you don't have time to spend making an omelet, just scramble eggs and sprinkle pieces of the chips over the top, YUMMY!!

Now most people like baked potatoes, check this one out with garlic mixed veggies it was a real treat to eat!  There is endless possibilities to enjoy Gourmet Snackers Veggie Chips, relax and let your mind get creative.